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Accelerate your strategic clinical decisions with trusted global intelligence, providing you with the insights to make better decisions on your clinical strategy and portfolio


Maximize the possibility of demonstrating efficacy and define your patient population

When over half of Phase II and Phase III trials fail due to efficacy, having a tightly defined clinical design is critical. With average durations continuing to extend and complexity increasing, there is an ever greater need to have a strong rationale for patient segmentation and inclusion criteria while having clearly defined biomarker strategy for Therapeutic Effect, Toxic Effect and disease utilized alongside the most advantageous endpoints. You must ensure that you synthesize intelligence gained from the outcome of previous trials to maximize possibility of demonstrating efficacy while delivering a managed presentation of adverse events. Identifying prior research and ensuring that you are aware of the protocols employed in all relevant prior and ongoing trials is critical for informing your clinical development strategy. Learn how our clinical trials intelligence and services can help you build a solid and informed clinical development strategy.


Accelerate translational science

Data from the Centers for Medical Research (CMR) shows that fewer than 1 out of every ten drugs that enter clinical trials makes it to market.  Improving this ratio by a small amount early on can result in higher likelihood of translation into the clinic, offering a huge impact on returns.

See how we can help you quickly identify and prioritize new targets  as well as validate, develop and benchmark therapeutically differentiated treatments with a higher degree of success.


Maintain awareness of commercially relevant trials, programs, competitors and partners

Commercial success requires you to identify, track and assess relevant market activity. You need to identify trials, programs and companies within your area of research and deliver both comprehensive analysis and timely automated updates. It is imperative that you maximize the potential and reduce the risk of missed opportunities, whether you are beaten to the market, lack key intelligence for your target product profile or miss a potential partnership opportunity. You must ensure that you have a comprehensive view of the relevant trials landscape, and are able to identify and analyze trials on a large number of precise commercial and scientific parameters. Our clinical trials intelligence and services can help you navigate the ever changing clinical landscape.


Reduce risks associated with patient enrollment

The increasing investment requirements for clinical trials place additional pressure on your need to balance multiple parameters including patient enrollment when selecting countries and sites to include your trials. This is exacerbated by the increased complexity of trial designs and the tighter definition of patient populations relative to any investigational therapeutic. Enhance your trial feasibility studies with intelligence on active sites, enrollment periods, enrollment rates and combine with our unique clinical R&D benchmarks to gain a true understanding of your existing portfolio performance.

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