Prevent, detect, and mitigate phishing and brand-associated malware

Protect against phishing, malware and other brand-related cyberthreats

Phishing and other social engineering scams put your customers’ financial assets and personal information – as well as your company’s brand and reputation – at risk. Nearly one million new malware threats are released every day, with attacks growing in number each year. MarkMonitor AntiFraud is used by some of the world’s most visible brands to develop innovative, comprehensive solutions to combat the widening threat of brand-associated malware attacks, and protect against phishing attacks across a range of digital channels.


Prevent, detect and mitigate phishing attacks across a range of digital channels

The MarkMonitor AntiPhishing solution is designed to protect your customers and prospects from phishing attacks with preventative tools that address threats before they launch. MarkMonitor uses its domain and brand protection expertise to provide brands with the best prevention, detection and mitigation against fraudsters. Proprietary preventative tools, such as the Early Warning System® (EWS) prevent fraudsters from launching phishing campaigns.


Protect your brand against malware attacks

The MarkMonitor AntiMalware solution utilizes unmatched domain and brand protection expertise to provide reputable brands the best detection, analysis and mitigation across multiple digital channels. For the greatest impact and results, the MarkMonitor solution focuses on brand-associated malware, which is visibly tied to specific brands, to ensure that email channels are free from potential attacks.


Threat intelligence to protect against cyberattacks

MarkMonitor Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence is a powerful solution to help you prevent or limit the damage of these cyberattacks. It provides near real-time monitoring of cyberattacks across multiple cybercrime zones, smart robot technology to infiltrate criminal networks, and actionable intelligence alerts.

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