How do you ensure your research programs are aligned with your mission and are delivering the necessary research impact?


Tell a powerful success story

  • Use the most compelling evidence
  • Highlight program outcomes
  • Demonstrate the achievement of program goals


What’s happening in the Research Landscape?

It can be difficult to keep up with the state of science and develop a plan for where to allocate limited research funds now and in the future. Keep on top of the research landscape, understand hot and emerging areas, and find out who is active in the fields of particular interest to your organization.

Without a full view of your research landscape, you run the risk of missing out on a hot area that could potentially raise your profile and further your mission. With Web of Science, avoid overcrowded spaces and identify the hottest emerging areas. Check out our Research Fronts Report  which identifies hot areas or search on topic and sort to “highly cited articles” based on Essential Science Indicators.

Review your research landscape with a Clarivate Analytics expert today.


Avoid duplication

Without a complete global view, you run the risk of duplicating research if you aren’t aware of what other agencies are funding. Web of Science Core Collection covers more than 250 subject areas in science, social science, arts & humanities. Have a high degree of confidence you have all the information, with the most authoritative and granular resource available on the market.


Aligning metrics with strategic goals

With so many metrics to choose from, it’s important to select the right metrics so you can track and report to your stakeholders. If you neglect this, you run the risk of not being properly aligned with agency goals.

Ensure your funding is being allocated to the areas that are strategically important to the organization and stakeholders with Professional Services. We have an expert team with many years of experience working with government and not-for-profit funders to develop evaluation schemes that provide compelling evidence to support your success story. Our consultants ensure the actionable and compelling impacts of your research are emphasized with the evidence to support it. Get in touch with a Professional Services team member.


Funding acknowledgements

If you can’t make the link between funding, research outputs, and societal impact for basic research, the impact of your work is vague for organizations and individuals that provide money. Fill in the gaps in your funding acknowledgement data and demonstrate compelling impact with Web of Science. Learn more about funding acknowledgment data in the Web of Science.


Learn more about our Professional Services

Professional Services can provide customized reporting that documents the current state of science, identifies historical trends, reports on the funding landscape, and more. We help determine publication output across your target areas with categorization that groups and organizes publications by how closely they align with your strategic plan – Making strategic decisions easier than ever. Contact Professional Services today.

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