Right product. Right market. Right time

To succeed in today’s highly competitive environment, you need to secure new product launches earlier, find cost-competitive sources of supply, and stay compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment

We can help you to optimize your portfolio by identifying the right products, right markets, right partners and right timing to meet your goals.


Spend your time on product strategy and negotiations – not data gathering

With advanced product targeting functionality, you can quickly develop a short list of candidate products meeting your specific criteria – including those you may have missed through manual searching. Leverage SWOT analysis and forecasts of future sales to start working on products before your competition, or know when to pull resources if it’s clear that a market will disappear.


Choose the best new markets to pursue based on your strategies and capabilities

Slow growth in domestic markets demands geographic expansion, while new markets improve return on investment for innovative assets. Choosing the best markets requires understanding both market potential and regulatory barriers. We can help you to compare regulatory requirements for markets of interest, identify which products have already been launched, assess market potential, and confirm possible trial sites. With full visibility to the market opportunity and potential barriers, you can gain competitive edge and choose markets where the potential payoff justifies the cost of entry.


Choose the right partner for the right situation and build for the future

Partners are increasingly important to manage costs, diversify portfolio and gain access to new markets – but each partner can also increase your risk. You need comprehensive, up to date profiles to assure the right match. Quickly identify potential manufacturing and marketing partners based on their reputation, experience and portfolio to expand your reach by working only with those partners that have the right skills and portfolio to fulfill your needs. Identify and assess in and out- licensing opportunities and build a pipeline of future M&A targets.


Find early or alternative sources of API

For manufacturers and marketers of finished pharmaceutical products, the quest can be ongoing for reliable, cost effective companies with the required manufacturing capabilities to make a product of interest.

Find early API sources, assess supply competitiveness, find cheaper sources & scout for future suppliers with easy access to companies’ API manufacturing history, DMF, COS and GMP certificates, IP holdings, regulatory agency inspection history and dates, warning letters, user fee payment history, facility registration status, known supply relationships and deals.


If investing in incremental innovation, make your R&D investment count

You need to develop differentiated products and demonstrate their potential commercial success against fierce competition. However, when tight budgets, limited R&D and sales resources, and low appetite for risk from company leadership are the norm, contributing to your company’s portfolio and improved margin can be challenging.

Predict the behavior of your drug based on thousands of expertly curated profiles of past drug programs and clinical trials, and avoid costly mistakes by applying past lessons. Determine the requirements for your product to succeed, study US market share trends, or evaluate a custom market opportunity and competitive position assessment to maximize your chances of market acceptance.


Newport has been a great investment for us, saving us time and money, while improving productivity.

           Dr. Johann Christian Zechel
           Head of Portfolio Management, Helm AG

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