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The accelerating pace of research and the increasing pressure from competitors make devising the right publishing strategy more challenging—and imperative—than ever.


  • 3.5% growth rate of scholarly journals
  • 28,000 journal titles globally
  • 983 new journals every year – and growing


Take the guesswork out of strategy decisions

In order to develop a publishing strategy that significantly differentiates your journals in the market, you need to have the right insights to the research landscape. Publishers like you are trying to stay competitive by making the best editorial decisions about which manuscripts to include. But it’s not only an editorial problem, it’s also a competitive intelligence problem – you need the right information about the market.

Without the right insights, you’re only guessing at what the real picture looks like, where you stand in it, and how to thrive in the market. If you try to move forward by guessing, you risk losing (or never getting) a foothold in the research market and even potentially being consolidated into a larger publisher.

With access to the most complete, consistent, and impartial dataset about the research landscape, you can know which subject areas are getting more funding, which hot topics might be up and coming, and where there are gaps in coverage. When you work with Clarivate, you can take the guesswork out of publishing strategy decisions and feel confident about the direction that you set for your organization.

Discover how one publisher utilized the metrics from InCites to understand their coverage and differentiate themselves in the market.

InCites lets us map where our contributions in the top subject areas come from, and how much of that content comes from authors at the top cited institutions. This is vital information for positioning our products, driving marketing, and demonstrating and developing our impact in those key fields.

Mark Gerdes
Analyst at Emerald Publishing Group

Deliver a streamlined experience for authors

Offering easy submission and efficient editorial workflows to your contributing authors is critical. Authors may be less likely to submit papers to a journal if the process is slow and difficult.

Furthermore, timeliness in publishing is increasingly imperative because research moves so quickly in this globalized economy. You need solutions that can turn around manuscript submissions fast, speed up peer review, and ease the administrative burden for editors.

Find out how ScholarOne Manuscripts can help you attract authors with easy and efficient submission and editorial processes.


Find new and qualified peer reviewers quickly

Peer review is a critical part of the editorial workflows and helps ensure the integrity of research. However, it can be difficult to find new peer reviewers who have the right background.

With the right suggestions for identifying new peer reviewers, you can avoid reviewer fatigue and grow new relationships.

Read about best practices you can implement in the submission process to prevent fraudulent peer review and how Reviewer Locator can help.

Build stronger relationships with reviewers and editors

Improve the peer review experience by giving your reviewers the recognition they deserve with Publons.

Publons lets researchers keep a verified record of every peer review and editorial contribution — in full compliance with your journals’ peer review policies.

The partnership between Taylor & Francis and Publons offers an innovative way of providing greater recognition for the crucial role reviewers play. It is an extremely useful tool across our network of reviewers and editors…

Leon Heward-Mills
Global Journals Publishing Director at Taylor & Francis

Publons provides you with more opportunities for personalized engagement with reviewers to let them know they are a valued part of your community. Happy reviewers are motivated reviewers.

I’m more likely to submit papers to and more likely to review papers for journals partnered with Publons

American Society for Microbiology Reviewer

Learn more about using Publons to recognize your reviewers.


Reach the right people

With increased competition in the scholarly publishing industry, it’s becoming more difficult to differentiate journal titles and conference meetings. Authors have more options for which journals to read, where to publish their papers, and which conferences to attend. Many publishers and societies are seeing their traditional pool of researchers for authors, reviewers, readers, and conference attendees shrink and therefore unable to sustain growth.

So now it’s more imperative than ever that you reach the right people with your communications. Find out more about how you can utilize Web of Science Author Connect to access two million active researchers – constantly updated and curated – specifically targeted for your needs.

Web of Science Author Connect service effectively helps to extend the reading coverage of International Journal of Automation and Computing (IJAC). After using the service, the volume of downloading and reading has been significantly improved.

Pei-ying Chen
Managing Editor, International Journal of Automation and Computing

Reduce overhead in your direct marketing efforts

Running and tracking direct marketing campaigns is time consuming, requiring investment in tools for campaign metrics and to analyze ROI.

When you have easy access to these metrics and analyses, you have more time to develop your overall marketing strategy.

Find out how utilizing Web of Science Author Connect custom list services can give you more time to focus on the big picture.

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