Research Assessment

Keeping the research enterprise running smoothly

As a research manager, how do you keep the focus on what matters most, and demonstrate the impact to your stakeholders?

Understanding the data behind the numbers.

What research strategies are correlated to producing better research? How do you decide how to best allocate your funding?

You need to understand what is driving research excellence at your institution. Understand the factors by probing the linkages between internal strategies and research excellence and rankings.

What can research metrics really tell us? Download Impact Measures to find out!


Reporting, reporting, reporting

You need to produce reports for internal program evaluation, external reporting and funding applications, providing accurate reports on performance at the researcher, departmental and institution level, in a timely manner.

Don’t start from scratch every time! Quickly and confidently build reports that integrate multiple data sources to fulfill internal and external reporting requirements. InCites helps you determine your strengths and areas for growth; assess scholarly outputs at the researcher, department, and institution level; and support accreditation and recruitment initiatives. Learn more about InCites.


The center of communication—managing and maintaining scholarly output

Remove the manual effort involved in internal assessment and external benchmarking by providing a view of researcher, department, institution and research projects all in one place. Converis™ is the only fully configurable research information management system that manages research from the initial idea and grant application, through daily management, to post-award results. Learn more about Converis.

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