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Search the world’s most important scholarly sources

The premier destination for research discovery and analytics, Web of Science connects you to the world’s most impactful scholarly and scientific content. Discover emerging trends that help you pursue successful research and grant applications, identify potential collaborators, and follow peers in your field.  Find out how
Web of Science can boost your efforts.


Be smarter about the way you research

Your research team may be spread all over the world but you still need to work together in order to produce novel research. When you use EndNote, you will research smarter, leaving behind the tedious work of creating and formatting bibliographies and managing references. With freed up time and a central reference library to work from, you will be able to truly collaborate and unlock the full potential of your research. Take a look at EndNote.


Evaluate the world’s leading journals

Journal Citation Reports lets you measure a journal’s influence, follow the best current reading in your field, find the best journals to publish your research, and see which journals cover the emerging hot topics. Learn about Journal Citation Reports.


Web of Science and compatible tools like EndNote, make our research easier and ensure we continue to be on the forefront and leading edge of innovation.

Dallon Lamarche
Researcher at University of Ottawa

Highlight all your esteemed contributions

Effortlessly track all your publications, citation metrics, peer reviews and journal editing work with a free Publons profile. Join the world’s researchers using Publons to show a more complete record of your research impact and save time preparing for performance reviews and funding applications.


My Head of Department gave me specific feedback on two aspects of my [promotion] application. One was my teaching, the other was my Publons profile. It really stood out that someone could verify what I had done in terms of peer review. Needless to say that my Head of Department is a physicist, so he likes evidence!

Matthias Lein
Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington

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