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Integrity enhances your drug discovery and development research by integrating essential biological, chemical and pharmacological data to support successful drug research and development. Integrity and the Integrity – Biomarkers module provide the key scientific information and insight needed to prioritize drug development candidates, benchmark competitors/market leaders and assess the competitive landscape earlier than any other drug R&D database – directly supporting scientific discovery.

Upcoming training


Identifying promising drugs: How do Integrity and Cortellis complement each other?
(40 mins + Q&A)

The success of a drug depends on many factors. The scientific data behind a drug such as the biology and pharmacology is key to establish its potential. Equally important, other key factors such as market size, competitors or patent protection will determine whether that drug is successful or not.

Register for one of our sessions to see how Integrity and Cortellis combined can provide a full understanding of a drug’s potential. During the presentation we will:

• Explore unique content in Integrity and Cortellis
• Identify and validate promising drugs by using both solutions together.

Tuesday, 19 March
10am New York / 3pm Paris
Wednesday, 20 March
10am Paris / 2:30pm Bangalore

In silico drug repurposing predictions – Integrity training webinar
(30 min + Q&A)


Drug repurposing is the development of compounds with established toxicity profiles to treat new indications, bypassing safety concerns and saving time and resources. Integrity is a valuable drug development database, containing manually expert-curated historical information, including pharmacology and pharmacokinetics data. Together with chemical structure analysis, this information can help build compound libraries for in silico prediction of drug repurposing opportunities.

In this session we will:

  • Explore the drug development landscape around an indication of interest
  • Benchmark compounds according to pharmacology and pharmacokinetic data
  • Export resulting chemical structures


Simply click on the link below to register:


Thursday, 11 April
10am New York/4pm Paris

Integrity Essentials (40 min + Q&A)

Integrity provides one source for biological, chemical and pharmacological information, supporting successful drug research and development. Integrity helps you understand the current drug and target landscape, benchmark the experimental performance of compounds and make preclinical research decisions with more confidence.

This online introductory session will give you an overview of Integrity and show you how to answer questions such as:

  • What target landscape is there around my disease of interest?
  • What is the latest information published around my therapy area?
  • What is the activity of compounds similar to mine?


Join us online to learn more about Integrity in 40 min + 5 optional Q&A:


Wednesday, 20 March
10am New York / 3pm Paris
Wednesday, 20 March
11am California /2pm New York
Tuesday, 16 April
10am New York / 4pm Paris
Wednesday, 17 April
10am Paris
Wednesday, 24 April
11am California/2pm New York